Save cows, save tradition

These products are really good. These are safe because all the products are free from chemicals, preservatives and artificial incense. Major important thing is that all the products are made from the Holy indigenous Cows. So we are indirectly helping to save our Holy Cows and consequently saving traditional culture. I think being a sensitive to our culture and responsible citizen of our country we must use these products and it must be our first priority.

Anand Rajguru, Research Scholar (IIT Bombay), 9820709758,

Superb at small price

It is a big surprise that excellent products come even for small price.

The nature of the media industry is to cater the needs and wishes of company which produces the product. And very often these products are money minting machine for the company at the cost of customer.

The tooth powder is excellent and cannot be compared with any of the national or foreign brands which I have used throughout my life till date.

Sridhar, Bid Manager (Germany),

Get it without anxiety

Tooth Powder is good and refreshing. Good forum to get cow products at your desk without taking any anxiety.

Sushant Mittal, Research Scholar (IIT Bombay),

Small is BIG

Good fragrance, very small quantity needed to get good lather and its very nice to know that it has various desirable ingredients, Gomaya rasa, Gomutra, Neem, Mehndi, Trifala, Shikakai, Sativa, Manjishth, Kappor Kachari, Nagarmotha, Daru haldi, which also help the user improve the physical and mental health. Enjoy using and hope you benefit from it. Be Happy!

Prof. Milind V Rane (IIT Bombay)

Machine churned ghee is below average

All products are of good quality except machine churned ghee which I would rate at below average as far as price and quality is concerned.

Shivbhagwan Tyagi, Consultant (Mumbai),9969480431,

Positive impact on society & environment

All the products from Vedic Cow Products, in particular soaps and ghee, are excellent. 

The products will certainly create a high positive impact on the society and these products can one day bring a great change in our vision about the values of cows and farming.

These have the potency to bring a great change in the environment also as these are Eco-friendly and free from any sort chemicals. These can bring healthy life style in both city and rural people.

Jagabandhu Dixit, Research Scholar (IIT Bombay),